a play-based approach to articulation therapy

Join the 500+ kiddo’s who have experienced an 82% improvement in their speech sounds and overall ability to be understood by others.

What is Articulation Therapy?

As you may have noticed, some sounds come sooner – and more easily – than others. Vowels as well as P’s, B’s and M’s tend to develop early on, while R’s come later, and sometimes with more difficulty.

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Are you noticing this about your child?

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Substitutes one sound for another (ie: tat for cat)

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You and others have difficulty understanding your child

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Leaves sounds out of words (ie: nana for banana)

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Drops off endings of words (ie: do for dog)

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How can Speech Sound Therapy help your child?

  • Coaching them to use the correct placement of speech muscles (tongue, lips, jaw, etc.) needed to make the correct sounds
  • Helping them to discriminate between different sounds
  • Supporting them to make target sounds in the beginning, middle and/or at the end of words, across various levels (words, phrases, sentences, and conversations)

Creating a treatment plan that draws on your child’s strengths

Before starting treatment, we conduct a comprehensive assessment so that we can deeply understand your child’s strengths and what areas require some more love, support, guidance and empowerment from us. Then we create functional and meaningful goals with you in order to help you and your child connect and communicate in ways that feel just right.

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Supporting the whole family, because you are your child’s greatest teacher

Our treatment is designed to not only treat your little one’s speech sounds but to also support your whole family. If you’re the type of parent that wants to be involved in the creation of developmental opportunities at home, we’re here to provide you with the information, skills and tools to do so.

Have some questions on your little one’s speech, language or motor skill development?

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