A play-based approach to Speech Therapy for Autism

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Speech Therapy for Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Children with ASD can present with differences in social communication, social interactions, and language skills.

What are the early signs of Autism?
  • Avoiding eye contact and social interaction
  • Shared attention involves a common focus on something such as people, objects, events or concepts
  • Difficulty understanding and using nonverbal and verbal communication skills
  • Difficulty with social reciprocity such as engaging in back and forth interactions
  • Difficulties with changes in routine or transitions
  • Delays in social cognition, including challenges with social interactions
  • Delays in acquisition of language
  • Delays in play skills
  • Difficulty with emotional regulation and behavioral issues
  • Sensory aversions and feeding challenges
How does Speech Therapy for Autism help?
  • Develop and increase the understanding and use of nonverbal and verbal communication skills
  • Improve how your child is using words to communicate thoughts, needs, wants, feelings and ideas
  • Providing multiple modalities for communication and expression so that your child feels heard and understood in the world
  • Providing opportunities for generalization of skills with peers and in a variety of settings
  • Modify and shift behaviors to increase focus, attention and engagement
  • Develop and increase play skills
Treating your child, not their label

Labels themselves are not bad, it’s all in how you see it. We believe children who are on the Autism spectrum simply see the world from a particularly rich sensory perspective. We see that unique outlook as a gift.

Creating a treatment plan that draws on your child’s strengths
Before starting treatment, we conduct a comprehensive assessment so that we can deeply understand your child’s strengths and what areas require some more love, support, guidance and empowerment from us. Then we create functional and meaningful goals with you in order to help you and your child connect and communicate in ways that feel just right.
Supporting the whole family, because you are your child’s greatest teacher

Our treatment is designed to not only treat your little one but to also support your whole family. If you’re the type of parent that wants to be involved in creating movement opportunities at home, we aim to support you in your efforts by giving you the skills and resources that you need.

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